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Salt LakeHeader image credit: Eric and Mary Ellen

Having a cluttered environment is detrimental to your productivity, memory and happiness. This also translates into the digital realm where interfaces that are visually cluttered become slow to use, confusing...

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Cycling Home in the Rain

Last friday was very wet, even by British standards. My ride home from work is only about 2.5 miles but that is still enough time to get thoroughly soaked if it's raining hard enough. At first I felt irritated to be inconvenienced by getting wet and...

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User Experience ≈ Emotional Experience

When I use a computer interface, my experience with it is often an emotional one. I'm annoyed at it for being slow; or angry at it for freezing and making me loose what I've been working on; and when I loose my laptop I'm grateful that it's been seamlessly...

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Choosing Good New Years Resolutions

When you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing.

In the past I've found myself making vague and general new years resolutions, like 'be more healthy', 'work out more' or 'be more outgoing'. The reason that these haven't been as successful as I'd have liked is that they weren't specific enough for...

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Sundial, a Simple Sunrise / Sunset Clock in Javascript

Filmmakers often need to know the sunrise and sunset times for a given day. I decided to make a simple, visual way of showing this data at a glance.

After spending a day or two trying to implement my own version of the equations here (with some success...

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Rendering a Timelapse from Still Images with FFMpeg

I really enjoy making timelapses. There's something very interesting to me about being able to change my perception of time, and see barely moving clouds transformed into vast swirling liquid pools.

Back in 2012 I spent a very wet and windy few days...

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